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Srivari Thulabharam in Tirumala Balaji Temples

History of Srivari Thulaburam:

The History of Sirvari Thulabharam is years back to the age of Sibi Chakravarthy a king, he was very famous his name was found in ancient Tamil Sangam literature in the fourth place and later in hundreds of places, and he was the one who gave all his body parts offer to the lord. Srivari Thulambharam is nothing but donating things like rice, sugar, money, gold, jaggery, sugar candy, and many others to the equal weight of the person who wants to perform Srivari Thulabharam.
Thulamburam is nothing but a person weighing him or herself in balance and pay an equal weight of coins, gold, rice and, etc.

There is a story about king Sibi Chakravarthi, once lord Indra and Agin came in form of a dove and an eagle to test Sibi Chakaravarthi when the dove came flying to Sibi Chakravarthi for protection from the chasing eagle, Sibi Chakarvarthi protected the dove from the eagle and offered this flesh to equal the dove’s weight but he couldn’t equal the weight of the dove even after cutting himself bit by bit and later he himself stood on the pan and that time the god appeared in front of him and blessed his.

Timing for Srivari Thulambharam:

1.There is no time restriction
2. It is available for 24*7
3. There is no the separate entry

Price of the items for Srivari Thulambharam:

  • Rice – Rs 41 per kg
  • Sugar – Rs 40 per 1 Kg
  • Sugar Candy – Rs 30 per 1 Kg
  • Jaggery – Rs 38 per 1 kg
  • I Rupee coin – Rs 202 per 1 Kg
  • 2 Rupee coin – Rs 332 per 1 Kg
  • 5 Rupee coin – Rs 555 per 1 Kg

Srivari Thulambharam Procedure:

1. Pilgrim who wants to perform Srivari Thulambaram can contact the staff near Padi Kavali.
2. All these procedures are being handled by the TTD and the nationalized bank.
3. But TTD accepts all offerings in only the form of cash.
4. The staff will weigh the person who performs Srivari Thulambaram and provides a receipt with your weight and also the object you offer will be weighted.
5. If your offering coins, then the coin can be deposited in the temple hundi.
6. And it is not suggested as TTd themself provide coins for you.
7. And once all this procedure is over you can go to Thulambura and staff will weigh you with the material you have chosen. and later it will be donated to the TTd.

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