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Sir Vari Padalu Tirumala Tirupati

About Sri Vari padalu

Situated on top of Narayangiri Hill, Srivari Padalu is believed to be the place where Lord Narayan first set his foot on earth. It is an important pilgrimage and visitors flock in large numbers to offer prayers to the footprints of Lord Narayan. There are seven hills in Tirumala. History of Srivari Padalu states that lord Srinivasa first set his feet on this peak after leaving Vaikuntam. Hence it names Srivari Padalu. Sri Narayanan feet are carved over here on this hill.
the devotees can visit his feet by climbing 300 steps and offer prayer. people usually climb Srivari Padalu and make offerings of coconut and do pooja.

The timing for Srivari Padalu is moring 6:00 am to evening 6:00 pm.

As per Hindu mythology, Puranas heard many various sorts of stories. Consistent with Vedas and Puranas ‘Srivari Padalu’ is the place where Lord Venkateswara Swamy set his feet first on one among the seven hills namely ‘Narayanagiri’.For private Padalu, pilgrims need to climb 300 odd steps to succeed in this divine spot from Tirupati.

Timing for Srivari Padalu:

The distance between Tirumala Tirupati and Srivari Padalu is 6 kilometers. And a 10 minutes walk from Thoranam one involves crossroads, one road end in Dharmagiri and therefore the other to the very best peak on the Tirumala hills, the Narayanagiri. The common practice of breaking coconuts as how of offering prayers to the lord has been shifted to a replacement location nearby. Srivari Padalu’s timing is between morning 6 am to evening 6 pm reach Padalu mandapam. RTC buses are available from the CRO office. Private taxis are also available.

Sila Thoranam Directions:

It is a 10-minute walk from Sila Thoranam, One can see the crossroads where a road leads to Dharmagiri and the other to the highest peak on the Tirumala Hills, the Narayanagiri.

How can wer reach Sri Vari Padalu:

A.P.S.R.T.C runs a bus to Padalu, from Kalyani choultry near C.R.O office Tirumala from 5 am every day within twenty minutes frequency.
Even there are private taxies are running service to Srivari Padalu Tirumala.
T.T.D runs free buses in Tirumala and bus stops are available at the temple.
There are some interesting places from Tirumala hills like Papavinasanam, Gogarbham, Venugopala Temple are located on the way to Akash Ganga Theertham. Pilgrims can visit these places by taking a Free bus or a Taxi.