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More than 3 lakhs of laddu is making in Tirupati, there are 3 conveyor belts in the Tirupati laddu factory called out. This belt helps to make laddu and boondi at the same time. They have the capacity to make more than 8 lakhs of laddu per day. Everything is making laddu is by LPG [Liquified Petroleum gas] in the early 1980s. Tirumala Tirupati laddu has enormous taste, every day tons and tons of raw materials or ingredients are used for making laddu. In olden days firewoods have been used in the process of making laddu, which comes from the border of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, later converted to LPG.

Ingredients of laddu:

Tirumala Tirupati laddu have special patent rights, so people from other parts and business centers, food stalls will never use the same process of making laddu. Per laddu costs, 10 to 20 rupees in Tirumala, extra laddu charges extra. There is a maximum limit per head to buy laddu. There is no making video coverage of the Tirumala food factory since it is confidential. Gram flour, ghee, sugar, cashew nuts, cardamom are the main ingredients used in laddu making

Tirupati laddu vs normal laddu

I have been eating Tirupati laddu for more than 15 years, still, now there is no similar taste to Tirupati laddu. I have visited more than 15 shops and buying laddu in the name of Tirupati laddu, there is no taste to even match. Tirumala laddu is the only famous and tastiest one. Experts stalls that, there are some other ingredients used which are not known by others, also the workers in Tirupati devasthanam have never leaked the truth still now. When we locked in mandapam, a free laddu is provided for all the people who are all coming in darshan ticket. enjoy sweet Tirupati laddu with a smile


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