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Kalyana Katta - Head Tonsure in Tirupati

The first thing pilgrims do at Tirupati is to accommodation, there is two way of accommodation, one is free accommodation and another is rental accommodation. after that, they walk to Kalyana Katta to get their hair tonsured. at Tirupati tonsuring is free, the TTD themselves provide blades too. once get tonsured you can take bath in the common bathroom available everywhere in Tirupati. there is no need for online booking for Kalyanaktta.

History of Kalyana Katta

Kalyana Katta performs every day, to tonsure pilgrims stay at the guest house and cottages. there are 9 mini Kalyana Katta available at Tirumala. and restrooms are also available at Kalyana Katta. Guesthouse at Tirumala is,
1. Ranbageecha guest house.
2. Sri Venkateshwara Guest House.
3. Sri Padmavathi Guest House.
4. Nandhakam Guest House.
5. Sapthagiri Guest House.

Timings to get Tonsured head in Kalyana Katta

1. Kalyana Katta – 2 Am to 12 Am
2. Kalyana Katta 2 – 2am to 12 am

Darshan ticket booking:

Since Tirupati is the most crowded place it is really hard to visit Lord Venkateshwara on time, it may also take more than a day to wait in a queue to visit the temple. So it is best to get the darshan ticket worth Rs 300 and reduce the waiting time and have a quick visit to Lord Balaji. By booking in Chennai to Tirupati car packages you will get a darshan ticket free of cost, so this will make your work easier.

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