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Benefits of visiting Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam:

Sri Venkateshwara the lord of seven hills will bless his devotees to have a peaceful and prosperous life. he also grants all the wishes and desires of his devotees. the one who comes to visit lord Balaji gets all the benefits of visiting the pilgrimage site, knowing the ancestors, and meeting the sages. We all know that any wishes asked in the feet of Sri Venkateshwara will be fulfilled it is not mandatory that only if we offer hair, money, or gold to get the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara. And there are many Puranas who claim that worshipping the Lord Venkateshwara at the Tirupati temple and seeking lord Balaji’s divine blessing is a surefire way to gain Mukti. the sanctity and sacredness of the shrine are mentioned is in several Puranas, such as Brahma Puranas, Varaha Purana, Markandey Purana, Garuda Purana, and so on.

Problems and its cure on visiting Lord Balaji, Tirupati

  • Marriage problem: People believe that by visiting Tirupati we get solutions for marriage problems, there are many people without getting married for years and later get married within 2 or 3 years after visiting Tirupati.
  • Child Problem: Many married couples visit Tirupati to get a blessing for a baby, there are many couples without a child for years after marriage and after getting the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara many got blessed with the baby.
  • Court Case: Their many families running to court for many personal problems, and still not solved, and after visiting Tirumala once all their problems are get solved and they are running a free life.
  • Career Problem: Many graduates visit Tirupati to get blessings for a job they try for more than years.
  • Promotion Problem:
  • Education Problem: There are people who get loans for education who may not be able to return them on time because o0f poor education background visit lord Balaji to drop all the problems on his feet.
  • Health Issues: Diabetics, Cancer, and other health issues solutions will be found in a better way
  • Business Problem: Loss in business, new startup business problems, high enemies in business, cheaters in work, unreturned money in work can be cleared after getting darshan from Lord Sri Kalahasti
  • Children Not Studying well problem:
  • Financial Problem
  • Land Problem: long term court cases will come to an end
  • Relation Problem
  • Neighbors Problem
  • Mental Torture
  • Accident Problem
  • Astrology Problem
  • Job Stress

Easy way to visit Tirupati:

Best season to visit Tirupati:
Thousands of people visit Tirupati every day. And it is highly not possible to escape from the crowd, so one of the best ways to visit Tirupati is in good weather, mostly during November to march the weather condition will be cool and we can enjoy the climate. it’s better to avoid during the summer season, the heat will be unbearable.

Darshan ticket booking:

Since Tirupati is the most crowded place it is really hard to visit Lord Venkateshwara on time, it may also take more than a day to wait in a queue to visit the temple. So it is best to get the darshan ticket worth Rs 300 and reduce the waiting time and have a quick visit to Lord Balaji. By booking in Chennai to Tirupati car packages you will get a darshan ticket free of cost, so this will make your work easier.

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