Tirumala Tirupati Booking

Special Darshan Ticket Booking in Tirumala Tirupathi

Tirupati Darshan Ticket Booking

TTD Ticket is widely used by VIPs and other wealthy persons to pass the queue fastly. Long ago it was in action. Tirumala devasthanam queue normally lasts for 4 hours to 1 day, depending on the number of devotees visiting per day, to overcome this people use special darshan tickets to visit lord Balaji in a short period of time. Chennai Balaji Travel introduces free darshan tickets for all devotees choosing Chennai ti Tirupati darshan packages.

Normal queue in Tirumala:

Fo avail of this one needs to show the radar cars on the counter and get the timing for Tirupati darshan. A special time is allotted for every person depending on the queue strength and number of persons registered already. For TTD Special darshan ticket is totally different

Ways of booking special darshan tickets:

Free Ticket: Visit our website, choose the specific packs that are suitable for your pricing plans, Tirupati car packages will give you free darshan tickets
Paid TTD Ticket: Ticket costs Rs.300 per head, need to book the ticket at least 30 days before the darshan date for safer side travel. Mostly the pricing will never change. To book the ticket please visit this link 

Advantages of booking TTD Ticket

  1. Get fast darshan
  2. Don’t get rushed with people
  3. Get privacy more
  4. Don’t leave the chance to get locked in mandapam

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