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Silathoranam Hills


Silathoranam is one of the three natural rock arches in the world .The other two is in USA and UK. The natural arch and thirumala hills is notified national geo-heritage monument. It is located 1 km (0.6 mi) north of the Tirumala hills temple, near the Chakra Teertham in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India . It is the highest point of Tirupati tirumala hills. The arch is also called Silathoranam in local language.      Silathoranam literally means “Rock Garden”. It consists of two words, ‘sila’ means ‘rock’ and ‘thoranam’ means a ‘garland’. It is also known as Natural Arch. While Chennai To Tirupati Tour packages, Chennai balaji Travels get their customers to this Silathoranam hills as additional tour package. 

    It is one of the places, pilgrims are most visited to know Tirumala. During the year of 1980’s, excavations in the Tirumala hills .the rare geological formation of the rock arch found by the geologists .which consist of two dissimilar sets of rocks with a connecting thin link .It is believed to formed 2500 million years ago. The creation of earth crust is in the time gap between enormous, it indicates unconformity.



The height of the arch measures 9.8 ft and 3 mtr. Also, the width of the arch measures 26.2 ft and 8 mtrs.  It is formed naturally in the quartzites of Cuddapah super group of middle to upper proterozoic (1600 to 570 Ma) because of natural erosive forces . The top of the hilly mountain thickly covered with forest gives a grand look. Tirumala temple is of the same height as the height of the arch. Chennai Balaji travels permitted up to silathoranam. We will fulfill our customers expectations and get your travel safe and best . The service is done under affordable price only. Chennai Balaji Travels  consider customers satisfaction as most important. It helps to our success.


      In 19th century India, the region of the king imposed death sentence for committing a heinous crime in twelve people. The twelve people were hung by neck till death. After they death, the body of the decreased criminals were left hanging on the walls of the temple of Balaji. It was at the time the deity himself appeared, misty idol. Most of our Customer of Chennai To Tirupati Tour packages wish to see this place regularly. 


The visitors may visit at the time between 6.00 am and 8.00 am fog permitting. They have maintained the garden very well in front of the arch, visitors wish to rest or wait until the fog clears.  The perfect time to visit at the time of sunset, the arch looks more striking and mystifying in the light of the sun settings The arch is said that the light of a full moon looks seen “ethereally beautiful”.


It took flat 1 hour 40 minutes to reach the top hill Chennai Balaji travels will take you safely there and show around the place where you are. Also, customer satisfaction is much more important to us. And we will help you to get know all information about the place, and make you comfortable at the best cost.  Chennai Balaji Travels give you the best service and also having lot of packages to get your service with us.

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