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Never fail to Visit japali Theertham:

Japali Anjanaya Swamy temple, which is located in Tirumala 7 km from Venkateshwara Swamy Lord Balaji temple. From road, we have to walk nearly 1 km inside to reach(forest) Japali Hanuman kshetra. There is a pond near the Japali Anjanaya Swamy temple, which is believed to wash away all your sins and evils if you have a bath in Japali theertham. 

It is one of the oldest temples in Tirumala. Japali theertham is the most eminent holy theertham. It is one of the most visited temples by all the devotees who visit Tirumala for Venkateswara darshan. The Swamy foremost appeal here is a temple exclusive to the lord Hanuman (Anjanaya Swamy).  Devotees who visited Tirumala will never fail to bath in this japali theertham. It is the least known and most worthy place to visit at Tirumala. The Japali Hanuman is contemplated as the most powerful god and one can spend your holidays at the place and  we can also feel a powerful presence at the Japali Hanuman temple.  Tirumalatirupathi booking.com provides additional tour packages like Akasha ganga, Kapila Theertham, Papavinasam Theertham, Papavinasam dam,   Deer Park etc., 

History of Japali Theertham :

In the 15th century, lord Hanuman was built an ancient temple during Raghava Rayalu’s dynasty. After as most of the temples in India. This was also accepted by the outrage of the raider. This temple was in the dark of so many centuries and the goddess was not able to extend continues ‘Aarthi’.But the god, who wishes to fulfill to him through human beings. The strong belief extends in Hindu hearts. Also, the pilgrims get rid of all negative vibrations tormenting them. The japali theertham which is located here was used to drink water from them when staying here. Later, the word ‘sage’ named ‘japali’ has meditated here for the Lord Hanuman.

Festivals celebrated in Japali Theertham :

In the Hanuman temple, they were celebrated many festivals every year. Most of the festivals occur during full moon day. the most festival in the temple is in the Hanuman Jayanthi festival during the month of May. Raagu pooja in Japali theertham is one of the most famous pooja in japali theertham. Which can be represented in the temple premises.

Time to Visit :

The japali hanuman theertham temple opened from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. the route of the temple is through the forest side. Also, in festival times they extend extra hours to open the temple. All those theerthams are known for their holiness. Tirumala Tirupati booking.com guide their customer at all tourist and devotional sport in and around Tirupati.  

Way to japali Theertham :

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