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Papavinasam Theertham - Purify our sins

Papavinasam is situated two miles away from Tirupati Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh (India). The place name itself says that ‘ The place visited by all the devotees with the belief that a holy bath in it’s water would save them from their sins. It is one of the highly regarded waterfalls of the temple city.  It is one of the seven holy theerthams in seshagiri hills. It is believed that a holy water here absolves one from all sins. The water fall is long gone. Instead, piped water from papavinasam dam is supplied here for the devotees to take bath. The small temple here as idols of Goddess Ganga and Sri Anjaneya Swamy. Lord Venkateswara lord as given a boom to people to purify their sins. You have supposed to have a  bath in the theertham before you worshipping lord Venkateswara.  tirumalatirupathibooking.com  guides their customers to this wonderful ritual place while their Chennai to Tirupati Tour packages.  

Beauty of Papavinasam Theertham

The sacred attraction, famous for scenic beauty is Papavinasam Teertham. It is believed a holy deep in pond will absorb all the sins a man does in his life. Papavinasam theertham altitude is 725 meter.   This Papavinasam place just about 20 minutes from Tirumala Lord Venkateswara temple by Chennai Balaji Travels will give you best service. 

Time to Visit :

          The waterfall is open for 24 hours. Daylight hours are recommended for visit. Best season to visit papavinasam theertham, September to March. Best time to visit 7.00AM to 1.00PM. But due to covid the temple will be opened till 8.00pm only.  

Restrictions to Devotees

Papavinasam theertham travel tips for visitor,Avoid wearing  heels.Be careful while approaching near.  Restrictions to be followed, Do not consume alcohol. Do not eat non vegetarian food. Do not wear flowers -all flowers are for the lord only. Smoking is not allowed in the waterfall.   Dress code for Women : Sarees, half sarees, chudidar ( compulsory dupatta) for Men : kurta, dhoti, pyjama. Do not wear inappropriate clothings.

Covid-19 Precautions :

Children aged 10 and below 10 should not attend the poojas .People who is above the age of 65 should not attend the any poojas.everyone should have a personal sanitizers.Maintain 1 1/2 meters distance between members.No one should gather and speak after the temple gets over for Women : Sarees, half sarees, chudidar ( compulsory dupatta) for Men : kurta, dhoti, pyjama. Do not wear inappropriate clothings.

Chennai Balaji Travels will take our customers very safely and make them feel comfort while traveling . And we will stop were our customers want to take pictures like shooting spots , hotels etc. We will consider our customers like our family members they won’t fell hesitate to ask any from our team.

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