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Chennai to Tirupati Travel In olden days

Hi, I am Suresh, founder of tirumalatirupatibooking.com born in a middle-class Hindu family. I remember that,  when I went first at Tirupati, yes it was 40 years before and I was a small boy then. I joined with my father and a group of relatives and started our walk towards Tirupati. Since there is no proper bus facility and proper private vehicle on the way to Tirupati. It is a common scenario that most of the devotees go by walk. I don’t feel any pain in my foot, who knows it’s because of the grace of Lord Balaji. On that day there were a few steps to climb Tirupati and steps were even small in width. The people who see us in the way gave us food to eat, also gave us some money to put in the Tirupati money collection box in the name of them. We collect all those and reach the top of the hill. It takes nearly 3 to 4 days to complete half the trip. We always used to sleep that night in Tirupati. There was no rush at that time. And few shops were there to purchase food and other needs. and in the same way, we start a return. We used to see elephants, deers, monkeys, rabbits, and other wild animals on the way of Tirupati travel. Those days way too precious and good memorable ones. We will complete the complete journey in around 10 days with 100% satisfaction. We distribute laddu and prasadam to all our neighbors, relatives and express our love with them. After I grown up I got an idea to start a travels especially,  to provide complete tour package from Chennai to Tirupati.

Make your Chennai to Tirupati Trip Easy :

Now you can enjoy Chennai to Tirupati Tour with 100% comfortability with us.  At Tirumala Tirupati booking we have luxurious cars, tempo travellers, devotees who wish to go with family can take the car with you at the rental price. We have various tour packages like One day Tirupati tour packages from Chennai, Two day Tirupati packages from Chennai  Three day Tirupati Tour Package from Chennai and Chennai to Kalahasti tour packages also available.  We are always with you to clear all your doubts related to rituals done at Tirupati .  And ready to offer our cars and tempo for rental at all time at an affordable price.  We offer our rental cars not only for Chennai to Tirupati, but for all tourist spots throughout the country.  

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