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Tirumala Tirupathi booking helps for kodai kalyanam

Hindu people pray to god that they will do their loved one’s kodai kalyanam (After marriage) in  temple, and most of them prefer Tirupati as the best place. Tirumala Tirupathi booking arranges not only for Chennai to Tirupati Tour packages, they are having  have special packages for kodai kalyanam. In this package they arrange separate bus or tempo traveller based on the family member count. All the accessories like Poojasaman (things for pooja), gas cylinder, things to prepare food for family members, fruits and vegetables. Highly comfortable cushion seats are arranged for senior citizens. Our driver will guide you to the mahal and tell you the rules and regulations that Tirupati have to do kodai kalyanam in Tirupati. Need of any things during Tirupati kodai kalyanam, tirumala tirupati driver will guide you to the correct place. Our driver will help you to the marriage registration spot in case of actual marriage. After kodai kalyanam family members are taken to nearby tourist spot for one or two days to enjoy the pleasant situation. Food, toll charges are completely paid by tirumala tirupati booking.  

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