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How Tirumala Tirupati booking saved us from this Covid-19 ?

Tirumala Tirupati booking follows the rules of our Government by providing hand sanitizer to all our customers. Also Our drivers go daily trip from Chennai to Tirupati, they help others to get a corona vaccine, all our drivers undergo tests regularly and maintain their state as healthy. Our driver wears a mask compulsorily and we also provide a face mask to all our customers. Tirumala Tirupati booking has now come up with the new idea of providing spray sanitizer to kill corona virus from air conditioners. 

Tirumala Tirupati booking has enormous love and respect to their passengers, we take special care for our passenger’s health is most preferable than money so we have invested a huge amount in this pandemic situation to give a safe and secured travel experience to the devotees especially Tirupati package from Chennai. In most cases, passengers have a vomiting sensation while traveling, we take special care of this also by providing citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and sweet lime, etc.,

Why Tirumala Tirupati booking is certified as the safest travel agency in Chennai?

Tirumala Tirupati booking is well known to most of the nearby hospitals along the way from Chennai to Tirupati. We also have the 5 stars rated doctors official and personal contact number for emergencies. In case of any pandemic, the situation arose during the journey we help you by lifting our hands to the passengers. Yes, we help you by calling our nearby doctor or taking you to the hospital, we wait till the end and pick up you back. Every passenger is giving their life to us during the journey, we don’t underestimate it. We always stand along with the safety of the devotees first. Because of this caring, people choose our Chennai to Tirupati tour packages regularly.

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