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One Day Tirupati Tour Package In Chennai

As a Hindu middle-class family member, everyone’s wish is to visit Tirupati Balaji at least once a year.  Working people suddenly  plan their weekend to Tirupati. Hence Tirumala Tirupati booking has launched the package called “One day Tirupati tour package from Chennai”. From  2005 to till now around 10000+ devotees have travelled in this pack. It is very economical for all categories and also has a clear structured timeline which is useful for working people.  

Can Tirupati visit in one day?

Yes, it’s possible! The timeline starts at 5 am on the specific date, our vehicle picks you up in doorstep anywhere you are. And it is completely free for chennai city limit.  . While Tirupati tour package from Chennai, You have 15 minutes to load all the bags and accessories to before travel from Chennai to Tirupati. 

Timeline for One Tirupati Package from Chennai

07:00am – 08:00am

At First The vehicle enters a pure vegetarian hotel in the way of Tirupati. Most commonly star hotel akshayabhavan Thiruvalluvar or Vijaya Bhavan Tiruthani is chosen for morning breakfast. Suppose their customer wants to complete their breakfast at their favourite hotels Tirumala Tirupati booking will give much priority is given. Sharp 8 am trip start continued with AC On. 

08:00am – 09:00am

After 8 am, famous site seeing places are shown to take family photographs. Example flower gardens and temples along the way. Devotees are advised to return to a vehicle on time since time management is the most important thing. 

09:00am – 10:00am

After reaching Lord Padmavathi temple in Tiruchanoor, a quick darshan is taken in that temple to complete one day Tirupati tour packages from Chennai on time. 

10:00am – 10:45am

It’s time to reach alipiri tollgate and halfway to go to Tirupati. Tirumalatirupatibooking.com has a special pass to enters the highway.  It’s only a 30 sec. time to cross the tollgate with a special pass. After this, the vehicle goes at a maximum speed allowed by the government of India. Every passenger’s bag is checked by the government of Andhra Pradesh here. Passengers are advised to show their bags to the officers without fail. After checking vehicle starts the journey

11:45am – 11:50am

Now it’s time to drive vehicles on mountain roads. Beautiful sceneries are there. Deers and small animals are roaming here and there. It’s time to take a photoshoot with nature. You may take a quick selfie there. Our drivers can stop the vehicle in case devotees need to see any natural phenomenon. Now we are traveling on a mountain called Balaji face rock. Within 15 minutes, we can complete this journey safely. Note: early morning 3 to 4am passengers are not allowed to travel on the mountain road.  However Tirupati Tirumala is visited by lakh of people in a week,  devasthanam and Govt. will main Tirupati Mountain clean and neat. 

11:50 Am – 12:15pm

Our Chennai to Tirupati Tour package drivers will guide you the shortest way to tonsure and fresh up in hot water. A special place is arranged for family members who are waiting for the tonsure people. Nearly 15 to 30 minutes takes for tonsure and freshup. Note that you need not to pay any special amount to tonsure people as per the rules of the government of Andhra Pradesh

Organize tonsure (or) mottai then fresh up in Kalyana Katta.

12:25 Pm – 12:30pm

Tirumala Tirupati booking driver will issue the special darshan ticket on time to visit Balaji. Note: please bring any ID card issued  by our Government before you start from your home.  Approximately 1 to 2 hrs takes place to complete darshan in a meanwhile our drivers are waiting for you with free laddu.  Our One day Tirupati package from Chennai includes breakfast, lunch, special darshan ticket and laddu etc., 

02.00pm – 02.15pm

Now it’s time to return to our homeland. you can spend and Purchase few of time to shopping at mega Tirupati shops. Please be on time at the pickup location, said our driver. Lunch is provided once the vehicle comes down the mountain.

02.45pm – 03.00pm

After 15 to 30 minutes of travel down the mountain, the vehicle stops at 3-star pure vegetarian hotel near Tirupati (bhimas at Tirumala). The vehicle will be taken off sharply at 3 pm from the hotel. The lunch is completely paid for by the management of Tirumala Tirupati booking as they promised for their Chennai to Tirupati tour packages. 

08.00pm – 09.00pm

Now it is time to drop you at home where they picked. Suppose if you need to catch a flight or train, our driver will drop you at the specified location during registration for free. 

Suggestion :

Please give your feedback, experience, the knowledge that you have gained during Chennai To Tirupati tour packages with tirumalatirupatibooking.com. 500+ customers have given positive reviews at tirumalatirupatibooking.com, please take part in it. Your review helps us to improve our management, time, concession, and quality of our company.

We contribute part of our profit for Annadanam.  Take part of their blessings from Lord balaji. Why are you waiting Join us today with our Tirupati package from Chennai. 


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